Student Council plays Santa for families in need

Ananya Zachariah , Photos by Gloria Su

This holiday season, Student Council is conducting a special gift drive: the Angel Tree Project. With the help of the Salvation Army, Student Council members provide gifts for children, or “angels”, in need. The children send in Christmas wish-lists to the Salvation Army. These lists are then distributed all around the city.
“It’s a really great way to give back to the less fortunate, and it makes a kid’s holiday a lot brighter,” Executive Board member junior Simita Gaglani said.
This is only the second year that Student Council has assisted with the Angel Tree Project, but members are thrilled to be able to help the community during the Christmas season.
“We want to make it a tradition now at Westlake,” junior class president Gloria Su said. “We’ve been able to provide more than 75 kids with gifts this year, and we hope to keep increasing that number.”
“Angels” could receive anything from dolls to art sets — Student Council members try to provide them with everything on their wish list.
“It’s a unique and fun drive, because each student gets to individually select a specific child in need to help out and [the members] really personalize the gifts,” Gloria said. “I love sponsoring the drive because I know this drive makes such a difference for so many families. I’m just happy to know that there won’t be ‘forgotten angels’ without gifts this year.”