Annual party in the park rocks the neighborhood

Sage Sutton

Cuerny Jam has been a neighborhood treasure for those living in Cuernavaca since 2002. This year’s event took place on Oct. 4 at the Lake Hills Community Association park. This mini-festival is made up of booths selling anything from scarves to peanut brittle. Cuerny Jam also provides live music from bands such as Chicken Shift, Fernando and Friends and Die Polka Dots.

“It started when Tim Nolan the lead singer and harmonica player of “the Time Bombs” asked the LHCA if he could set up a stage and his band play and throw a party in the park and they said ‘yes’,” Cuerny Jam Coordinator Anne Nolan said. “Then it turned into multiple bands and we added the art and food about five years ago.”

Music is a big part of Cuerny Jam, and the bands play all different kinds of music from rock to country. The bands are fun and know how to get the crowd into the music.

“All the bands have some kind of connection to the neighborhood and that’s just kind of how we do things,” Nolan said.

There are tons of things to do, whether it be scoping out the booths or just hanging out with friends. Cuerny Jam is always something to remember.

“[My favorite part was] the fellowship with friends there,” sophomore Marshall Logwinuk said. “The park is already a great place to gather and have fun with friends and family and to meet new people, but a big event like the Cuerny Jam brought everyone together for hours of fun.”