Latin Club takes the cake

The ever growing Latin Club, with more than 200 members, has been a great place for students who want to study not only an ancient language, but also the rich history of Rome. Latin Club is not just a bunch of people sitting around a table talking nerdy, as some people might believe — it’s a community of students with a passion.
“You’d think that gathering in a school [for a competition] with 2,000 kids would be really terrible, but is actually really fun,” senior Laura Bryant said.
The Latin Club has competed in many state and national conventions with satisfying results.
“I like Latin cub because you get to choose your level of commitment. Plus, a lot of my friends are in it,” sophomore Selina Eshragi said.
To join Latin Club, students have to be enrolled in Latin currently or have taken at least one year of Latin at Westlake. Each class period elects tribunes or representatives to attend the meetings which happen when the students feel it’s necessary to meet, usually monthly. There is also a council of representatives that are voted on by the entire Latin Club. Elections have already taken place, but the deadline to join is Oct.3. To sign up, go to Magister Abbes’ room, 226.