Honey Ham vs. Tacodeli

We’ve all seen them: the famous white and green styrofoam cups broadcasting the Westlake favorite — the breakfast taco heaven — Texas Honey Ham. But does this mouth-watering taco place have an equally delicious competitor? Tacodeli is quickly becoming more popular with its wide variety of delectable creations and its healthier selection. But we all want to know, which restaurant is better? What is needed to make a taco place awesome? Salsa is a key factor in crafting the perfect taco. From the mildest salsa verde to the eye-watering habanero, Tacodeli has a variety of award winning salsas that will help improve your taco experience. However, Honey Ham’s Ranchero sauce will guarantee to make your taco pop. But with its many zesty flavors, Tacodeli’s salsa beats Honey Ham’s.
These restaurants don’t just stop at tacos, they have many more delicious options. Honey Ham especially has a wide array of choices with their hot grilled sandwiches, salads, soups and more. Tacodeli only offers an assortment of leafy Tex-Mex salads. Because of their variety, Honey Ham wins this category, presenting many choices for people who might not be big fans of tacos.
Both restaurants have a wide selection of drinks to go with your taco. Honey Ham has its sweet iced-tea with its famous crunchy ice, a popular choice among Westlake students. Tacodeli’s Aguas Frescas will leave you refreshed and wanting more. Made with organic cane sugar and local organic fruit, you can choose from three flavors: watermelon, cantaloupe and honey limeade. Locally roasted coffee is also a tasty option. With so many drinks to choose from, Tacodeli triumphs over Honey Ham.
Now looking at the tacos themselves. Honey Ham offers freshly sliced honey glazed ham, their specialty. This makes their tacos all the more tasty. It’s all up to you, flour or corn you choose your tortilla and add whatever you want. Eggs, crispy bacon, potato hash, topped off with salsa — it’s all amazing. On the more Tex-Mex side of things, Tacodeli brings their migas mix, grilled sirloin and queso to your tacos.
With all these delicious options, it’s hard to decide which restaurant is superior. But overall, Texas Honey Ham pulls ahead of Tacodeli, offering mouthwatering food and a personable staff. However, Tacodeli continues to trail closely behind, quickly becoming a well-known, Westlake favorite.