iPhone 6 disappoints


People might criticize me for being uptight and unwilling to try new things when I say I don’t want to get the iPhone 6, but let me tell you why I am not going to be losing $200 (with the plan) anytime soon.

The newly released Apple product has customers crowding Apple stores all over the country, but they are wasting their time. The 6 may have a couple new features, but honestly, who even uses them? Siri was supposed to be a huge improvement, but all she seems to do is turn on when you are in a class taking a test.

According to Apple, the  new phone is bigger and thinner with a higher retina display and longer lasting battery life than its predecessors. It also has time lapse and slo-mo features on the camera, and apparently it has faster wireless. We all know the real reason people are rushing to have the new gadget: size.

The size. It seems to be one of the only significant differences from the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 plus is more than half the size of a mini iPad. Of course, having big phones is the new trend — the bigger the better, right? But how does that make it any easier to carry around? The whole point of owning a cell phone is for it to be easily portable.

Rumors of the phone bending in your pocket makes it even more undesirable. Why would you want to pull out your new expensive phone to see it has been crushed into an awkward banana shape? Apple just copied the Samsung Galaxy phone, stamped their Prada logo on it and suddenly everyone is excited about the lame excuse for a 6. The iPhone 6 is a waste of money, time and effort.