Anaconda don’t or do?

Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video has taken the internet by storm, leaving some viewers criticizing her racy approaches while others extolling her for the new music.

The “Anaconda” video is explicit and is frankly just four minutes and 50 seconds of dancers shaking their butts around Minaj (who is doing the same) in jungle-themed attire.

“[Anaconda] was weird, not good,” freshman Gabriel Palomares said. “I don’t really think she has good music, necessarily. Its kind of repetitive. She just has a bunch of implants. Like her songs are just about butts, however women aren’t just about butts. [They have] feelings and personalities.”

Many agree with Gabriel, saying that Minaj is setting out a bad example for younger girls and acting out against her on social media. Even though the anti-Minaj kingdom has made their opinion clear, her fandom is still fighting back.

“I think [Anaconda] is a catchy song and people need to chill out,” senior Alex Denton said. “I think it’s her body and she can do what she wants with it, and I don’t think people should judge her for it. I would say she’s trying to empower women and make them more secure. I just think it’s stupid that people are making such a big deal out of this in the first place — it’s just a song.”

Minaj has said in interviews that she supports the idea of female empowerment because her mother was abused. Minaj’s father was a violent crack addict who constantly threatened to kill her mother. In one attempt to kill Minaj’s mother, her father burned their home to the ground. Minaj draws references from her past to write her lyrics to her songs.

The messages in her songs may be different from most mainstream music, but she proves that it’s hard to copy her style. Minaj talks about how being a female rapper is difficult in a world where males dominate the rapping game. She said on the Queen Latifah show that most of the world would rather see a male rapper than a female.

Even though Minaj has created a huge fandom and her own style, she has also created a lot of controversy.

“She’s trashy and can’t sing,” sophomore Emma Tyson said. “She needs to put on more clothing and have more respect for herself and what she speaks about. Millions of people can see her like that. She cusses a lot in her songs and that’s not good in general.”

Others disagree with Emma.

“I think she is probably one of the most empowering female rappers of all time,” freshman Major Carr said. “She doesn’t really take anything from anyone. If someone tries to degrade her or say ‘no you can’t do that’ then she will do that. I feel like she empowers everybody. Her messages are so different from other rap songs it’s like ‘whatever, I don’t care what you think about me.’”

Although Minaj has raised a whirlwind of arguments on twitter and other social medias about her new song, she has certainly promoted herself and gotten more attention in the music world.