New and improved; Infinite Flight update is better than ever

Have you bought Infinite Flight yet? No? Why not? The flight simulator video game that is available on Google PlayStore and the App Store has been redesigned and is better than ever. The game has always included amazing controls and a very realistic experience; the developers have added improved water with real waves, settings to alter the land and plane graphics and taxi lines on many airports. The Cessna Citation X business jet has also been added as an in-app purchase. All of these are great, but there is one main part of the update that changes this game for the better.

Multiplayer is now available in Infinite Flight. For only $4.99 per month, you can fly live with other pilots over an internet connection. Keeping the great experiences solo flight had to offer, Infinite Flight Live is a huge leap forward. Multiple servers are available, so you never have to wait to fly. The servers can also be chosen at will, so pilots wanting to fly together can do so. Unicom ATC is included in the update. It contains a series of prerecorded messages that the pilot can choose including the phrases “taxiing to runway 12,” “taking off, remaining in the pattern” and “coming in to land runway 15.” Live also has real-time weather conditions that cannot be changed, making for a fun and sometimes challenging flight. Realistic airspace violations also occur. To build up a ranking percentage, pilots must rack up the XP and flying hours to improve their ranking and give them the ability to fly at larger airports. For example, Chicago O’Hare International airport is an 85 percent standing airport. If pilots have anything lower than an 85 as their rank, they cannot fly into O’Hare airspace or risk a violation that will decrease their overall ranking percentage. Ranking, however, is easily earned.

Solo flight has been kept. Pilots can choose whether to fly in Live or fly Solo without the stress of other planes in the game. Solo is also great for practice. Additionally, if an internet connection isn’t available, pilots can still fly in Solo. Overall, Infinite Flight Live is a wonderful addition to the Infinite Flight app. For aspiring pilots, this is the app for you.