Ed Sheeran Releases Innovative Sophomore Album

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran topped charts again with his sophomore album, X (pronounced “multiply”). A compilation of poignant melodies, thrilling crescendos and pulsating rhythms, this album is sure to please fans of his debut. For those concerned that the singles like “Sing” are straying too far from the acoustic sound that Sheeran listeners are used to, I suggest listening to the entire album. Amidst some innovative, edgier songs, it is easy to find just as many stripped-down, emotional tracks.

While Sheeran’s singsong voice and textured songwriting is compelling in itself, the true selling point of the album is his witty lyrics. Whether it be a biting synopsis of a fling-gone-wrong (“Don’t”), or a soothing reminder that it’s OK not to be OK (“Even My Dad Does Sometimes”), Sheeran leaves you thinking. Songs such as “I’m a Mess” and “Take it Back” also have honest and revealing messages. At only 23 years old, Sheeran’s songwriting is years ahead of him.