Flight simulator brings reality to video games


If you like to fly and you love to play video games, then Infinite Flight is the game for you.  From Flight Development Studios, this game is in a league of its own. It is made for iOS iPad and iPhones, as well as Android touch screens. For $4.99, it is worth every cent.

The Boeing 737 is one plane that comes free, but several planes, including the Boeing 757, can be bought through in-app purchases. The flight simulator was released in 2012, but the graphics seem like they were made yesterday. With up-to-date planes and scenery, Infinite Flight is a truly amazing game, and with different liveries for each plane, the possibilities are endless.

The details throughout the game are astounding. The control panels are very realistic. The Heads-Up-Display gives everything from plane speed and altitude to gear and flap options. Different views show the graphic detail and quality of the planes. With a push of a button, a map with the ability to log a flight path pops onto the screen. Other buttons allow for landing and strobe lights to come on. Throughout the flight, you are given the opportunity to change the weather and time setting to your preference. Add a re-play button, and you have everything you need to become an outstanding pilot.

Infinite flight is the game to buy for realistic flight simulations. Forget Google Earth simulator and X-plane, Infinite Flight soars way above the rest.