From the Amazing Spider Man 2 to the recent Guardians of the Galaxy, movies all across the world have gravitated toward the superhero genre, showcasing the best of the best on the big screen. However, there is a dark side of the comic world: the horribly unpopular characters that were doomed to fail since their very creation. Here’s hoping these flops never hit the big screen.

1: Aqualad

Many are familiar with the infamous Aquaman, notoriously known for being stupendously useless. But since every Batman needs his Robin, DC Comics decided to supply the watery hero with an equally useless, inconceivably annoying sidekick. This is the only reason Aquaman is not on this list; an even more ineffective, bratty super-loser exists.


2. The Red Bee

Batman has his Batarangs. Superman has his laser eyes. But the Red Bee fought with a legion of bees tucked into his belt, including a special bee named Michael that he used on his Nazi enemies in emergencies. Besides being mildly athletic (he can do at least some acrobatics) and carrying a gun, he poses absolutely zero threat to anyone. That is, unless they are allergic to bees. And when’s the last time you heard of a villain that is allergic to bees? Never. Is Venom allergic to bees? No. Is Ultron allergic to bees? Definitely not. Is Galactus allergic to bees? No way. Let’s just say The Red Bee was, well, how do you put it, not the bee’s knees. And don’t even get me started on Michael.


3. Dogwelder

There really isn’t much to say on this superhero. Literally all he does to fight crime is snatch a stray dog off the streets AND WELD IT TO A VILLAIN’S FACE. To all you animal lovers out there, the dogs are already dead. Not sure if that makes you feel any better, but it’s something. Dogwelder was a tough one to put on the list, as he’s almost borderline badass. But when it comes down to it, welding dogs to people is a no-no. That would be rather painful though…


4. Dazzler

Disco lives in the form of this superheroine. Dazzler has the ability to produce light beams from soundwaves, which sounds actually pretty cool, until you realize how she does it. Disco music. And when you think about it, her powers are actually pretty darn useless as well. What happens when the music stops? What happens if the villain wears sunglasses? And to top it all off, she wears one of the most horrendous costumes of all time. Realizing this, X-Men writers quickly laid her off and she rarely appears in brief cameos.


5. Matter-Eater Lad

As the name implies (such an awkward title) this superhero has the ability to eat through virtually anything. Yeah. Gross. Besides looking mildly homoerotic, he also has the ability to identify any substances in the material he eats. Speaking of his powers, how does Matter-Eater Lad even fight? Does he just practice cannibalism? I’m not even sure if this guy is really a hero. Maybe we should lock him up, I’m pretty sure he’s a serial cannibal. Whichever side he fights on, Matter-Eater Lad is sure to be taking a bite out of crime… literally.

matter eater lad