Westlake’s trailer park isn’t up to par


Before school began, residents of Westlake witnessed new development off of Loop 360. Food trailers formed a circle inside a fenced area. Lights were strung and signs were hung. The Midway opened and the chatter about it heightened.

Now, I don’t hear anyone talking about it. I rarely see the park full during weekdays — or for that matter, even open. I was still curious, however, of what is parked in what was once a vacant lot.

The Midway is a very cute area. The Christmas lights add a stylish touch to what could be a dirty, greasy place. The ground is covered in wood chips and there is ample seating. There are signs posted near the gate that lay out the rules of the park (no outside food, clean up your trash, etc.) The hours say “when the first trailer opens – when the last trailer closes.”  It was noon on a weekday, a prime time for lunch crowds. I was disappointed to find that many of the trailers were not open. And for the most part, the open trailers were not ready to serve. My sandwich from Snollygosters took a good 10 minutes. My understanding is that trailer-park food is supposed to be ready quickly. There were probably 20 people in the park, and everyone was waiting around for things to open or for their food.

I was also misled by what kinds of food were going to be offered. Sure, I should have done my research or at least asked around to be sure I would want something from at least one of the trailers. Most of the foods offered were gourmet, expensive or sort of unfamiliar and quirky. The ice cream truck, Coolhaus, had strange flavors like sweet potato. I just wanted a greasy burger (which is the kind of food trailers should have, right?). Barbecue sounded great, but Adoo’s windows were shut (even though their hours stated that they should be open.) The only sure-fire thing I could find was a ham and cheese panini from Snollygosters. It was good, but it was nothing special. I could have made it at home.

Along those lines, there weren’t too many options that I would have liked as a kid. However, there is a huge jungle gym on one side of the park. I’ve seen kids there when I’ve driven by before and now I’m wondering what they could have eaten.
If you’re really into trying new things, the Midway is for you. If you’re really into waiting for a plain old sandwich, the Midway is for you. If you aren’t too interested in lobster mac and cheese from Doc & Roll, the Midway isn’t for you. If you’re craving a burger, hit up P. Terrys. — they always deliver, and their hours are true.