Why college Facebook groups suck

Everywhere across the nation, there are Facebook groups attempting to unite and bond together incoming fall semester students. While they were started as a friendly way to meet new people and ask questions about said college, they were ruined and made into a nuisance by a small percentage of every college class.

I don’t know who started this trend, but every day in every college Facebook group, a significant amount of incoming students post 10 things about themselves, hoping to get a roommate or get to know their fellow classmates. At first it seems harmless and friendly, but the only word I can really use to describe this phenomenon is annoying.

First of all, every post says the same thing. You can bet every person says something about loving Netflix, loving to go out AND stay in, being a happy person, what their major is, where they currently live, their music choices, how much they love food, their religious choices, where they go to high school and how many pets they have. While there is some creative freedom within that skeleton, everyone ends up looking like the exact same person.

Another thing that makes college with these people seem horrible is the random announcements of how much money someone got from the school the Facebook group is dedicated to and the question of whether or not it’s a good amount. What are people supposed to say to that? Some people didn’t get scholarships, so why are you asking a group of people, most of whom receive no school-granted money, if $40,000 a year is “good” or not?

All in all, it’s just a bunch of pretentious people trying to impress each other. No one who posts in these “Class of 2018” groups is normal. Maybe the intention is harmless, but they’re just self-absorbed and obnoxious. Take my advice — don’t be that person.