Live Music Lunches gather attention, include special recognition

Photos by Lucy Wimmer


The band Chromatic Funk, made up of seniors David Alvarez, Aidan Sivy, Adam Wilson, Ben Pederson and Greg Doscher, performed on Friday, March 21 for the student council-held live music lunch.

Music blasts from the courtyard, accompanied by a warm and satisfying smell of food. The cooking staff grills delicious burgers and mouth-watering sausage wraps for the students.  Jubilant fans cheer on Chromatic Funk and enjoy the spectacle. The courtyard is packed; all the seats are taken, and an overall joyous attitude is prevalent. These special occasions, dubbed Live Music Lunches, are put on by Student Council and TEC. In the most recent lunch on March 28, spring sports received recognition with a slide show displaying the highlights of their seasons thus far and a colorful array of posters celebrating every team outside the Chap Court.

“Live Music Lunches are to just help students enjoy our own bands,” student body vice president-elect junior Richie Blanco said. “It’s something fun to do every once in a while that everyone likes.”

Richie was one of the main people responsible for coming up with the idea for a spring sport recognition event.

“It was pretty much all my idea,” Richie said. “I was like, ‘We need to recognize spring sports,’ so that’s where the spring sports recognition came in.”

The real puppeteers behind the curtain is TEC, who especially help with the band and making sure everything sounds pitch perfect. They also constructed a temporary stage in which the band could rock out up high above the crowd.

“The latest Live Music Lunch they went above and beyond,” Richie said. “Having the stage [they built] up there was crazy. We can’t thank them enough for how much they did because it would not have been so great [without them].”

Student Council is also planning something even bigger to honor spring sports for upcoming years.

“We’ve also talked to Dr. Carter in one of the CLT [Campus Leadership Team] meetings that for next year we will have an entire homecoming-like pep rally [in the spring],” Richie said.

However,Live Music Lunches have encountered a problem. Their go-to band, Chromatic Funk, is graduating, leaving everyone to wonder who will replace them in the future.

“That’s the big question at the moment,” Richie said. “We’ll definitely be looking for new people who want to play during lunches.”

Student Council and the TEC are constantly looking for ways to improve the Live
Music Lunches, hopefully perfecting them in the near future.

“We are always open to expanding them and making them better in any way possible that we can,” Richie said.