Quizup ruins student’s life

Reading as fast as I could, a nervous feeling washed over me as I tried to answer possibly the most important question I’ve come across in a long time — “What is the acronym for ‘Will you go out with me?” I read across the answers as quickly as possible until I saw the golden choice — “WYGOWM.”
This is just one of the many quandaries I’ve encountered from Quizup — a relatively new app that’s currently sweeping the nation. To be good at this app, you have to have expansive knowledge of unimportant subjects that wouldn’t help you in the slightest in your normal everyday life. However, somehow, when you’re playing the app, you feel so stupid for not getting something right about what kind of fruit the Laxton’s Superb is, or what year Fifty Shades of Grey came out.
It’s interesting how competitive people can get over something so insignificant. The other day my friend and I were playing against each other, and I kept horribly losing to her, time and time again. I got so frustrated over not knowing things like who was on deck when Bobby Thompson of the New York Giants hit his “Shot heard ‘round the world” in 1951 against the Brooklyn Dodgers to win the National League pennant. (It was Willie Mays, by the way.)
I’m spending my precious time agonizing over insignificant information when I could be joining the peace corps, ending world hunger or taking a shower.
After a 10-game losing streak, I looked up and realized that my self-confidence was diminishing from this stupid little game. I set aside my phone and started doodling instead.
Moral of the story — don’t let Quizup define you. You’re better than that.