Eight students compete in TMEA All State Music contest

Hannah Turner

February 21, 2014

For many, being called “The Best in the State” will never be a title that they hold. However, for eight WHS students, the best in the state is not an elusive title. Sophomore Hannah Hopkins, junior Mina Lee, senior Duncan...

New Italian pizza place is sensational

Emily Martin

February 19, 2014

Living in Texas can make finding great pizza a struggle; the east coast has spoiled me with easy access to delicious pizza, but now I have found Bufalina — an authentic Italian style pizza restaurant which mimics a typical place...

12 Years A Slave is a must-see

Ananya Zachariah

February 18, 2014

12 Years a Slave begins its haunting true story in 1841 when free man Solomon Northup, a carpenter and talented fiddle player, gets tricked into accepting a job. Solomon thinks he’s agreeing to a two-week gig as a fiddle player,...

Quizup ruins student’s life

Olivia Kight

February 17, 2014

Reading as fast as I could, a nervous feeling washed over me as I tried to answer possibly the most important question I've come across in a long time — "What is the acronym for 'Will you go out with me?" I read across the answers...

American Hustle review

Michael Wiggin

February 17, 2014

I’ve often asked myself why I, along with so many others, enjoy movies so much. For some, a movie can be an attempt to escape the monotony of daily life via the grandeur of cinematic explosions and action. For others it may...

New superintendent search underway

David Tulkoff

February 10, 2014

With the resignation of Eanes Independent School District superintendent Dr. Nola Wellman, the district began the hunt for her replacement. This set in motion a lengthy process to determine who will lead the district. The school...