Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to win an Oscar

Leo needs his Oscar.

Does he need his Oscar for his role as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street? No, admittedly he does not. This was not the role of his career, and he didn’t do better than Christian Bale in American Hustle or Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. That being said, he still needs an Oscar.

The Academy is purposely choosing to snub him even though he has done some Oscar-worthy performances in the past (Titanic, anyone? And don’t pretend like you didn’t love him in that. We all know you did.) Despite his laundry list of big-budget blockbusters and sophisticated films, he’s only been nominated for an Oscar four times. Four. Including his most recent role. He’s been ignored not only in Titanic but also in Django Unchained, Inception and so many others. Too many others. It’s enough to break a poor actor’s heart.

Speaking of breaking, that’s what Leo is going to do if we don’t hurry up and hand him that little gold statue. In Django Unchained, Leo slammed his hand down on a table and sliced his hand on a shard of glass, causing it to bleed. Instead of stopping, he stayed in character, going so far as to smear his blood on the face of his costar Kerry Washington. He gave blood sacrifice for his character, and they still didn’t nominate him. If that wasn’t enough, what is? Who knows how far Leo will go?

Leo’s been in the business for a long time. He’s 39 after all. But even though he made his film debut at 17, he didn’t turn into drug addled wild child (cough cough Lindsay Lohan) or sink into obscurity (I’m looking at you, Macauley Culkin.) And how come actresses like Jennifer Lawrence get Oscars at 22 when Leo didn’t even win a Golden Globe until he was 29? It’s high time we pay him the respect he deserves.

So as we inch closer to the Oscars one award show at a time, I’ll have my fingers crossed for Leo. After all, Christian Bale already has an Oscar.