Choir department tackles West Side Story

Every February, the choir performs a musical that the community looks forward to months beforehand. This year, the choir chose to perform West Side Story, a classic 1960s drama set in the lower west side of Manhattan, New York. Assistant director Jenn Goodner explained the choice in musical was based on the classic appeal.

“West Side Story is a beloved American classic musical, and it has some of the most amazing music that has ever been written,” Goodner said. “It’s also more of a challenge because it’s a drama, so we were excited to take that on.”

Tickets can be purchased in the Chap Court during lunches beginning Jan. 30 for $18.

Choir member junior Kendal Lyssy said she believes the audience is in for quite a show.

“Some really cool things are going to be happening,” Kendal said. “You do not want to miss this show because it will be captivating and you will see some very talented people.”