In-N-Out Burger opens in Austin, much to former Californian’s delight


In December, In-N-Out Burger opened up two locations in the Austin area, bringing its delicious milkshakes, fresh, hearty burgers and secret menu along with it. With two restaurants off of I-35, one at 4521 N. I-35 in Round Rock, and the other near the old Mueller Airport at 4508 N. I-35, Austin becomes the second metropolitan area in Texas to host the California-based chain, after several opened up in Dallas in 2011.

Being from California, I love In-N-Out Burger. It’s something that I’ve really missed in the three years I’ve lived in Austin. With all due respect to P. Terry’s and Whataburger, nothing really compares to the quality of In-N-Out’s food. Their burgers are fresh, as is the produce that goes on top of the patty. The meat itself doesn’t taste cheap and frozen, and neither do the French fries. And the special sauce that adorns the burgers really ties everything together.

What In-N-Out is most famous for, however, is its secret menu. Consisting of five items, the menu can be found on In-N-Out’s website. My personal favorite is “Animal Style Fries,” an order of fries coated in cheese, special sauce and grilled onions. After having the fries that way, I simply cannot eat the regular fries anymore.

Another thing that In-N-Out is famous for are the Bible verses that adorn the bottoms of cups, burger wrappers and fry cartons. The verses are subtle, and you really can’t see them unless you know what you’re looking for, but it’s a nice gesture that isn’t “in your face.”

Only time will tell if In-N-Out will have lasting success in Austin, but if the first few weeks are any indication, it’ll do just fine as customers going to both locations faced long lines and waits that sometimes lasted more than an hour. But I’m fine waiting an hour for my burger and shake — I’m just happy to finally have an In-N-Out out here.