Godzilla Stomps His Way Back Onto the Big Screen


Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been fascinated by Godzilla. When you are an 8-year-old boy with a love for dinosaurs, how could you not? A gigantic, irradiated reptile with atomic breath is just about the coolest thing you can imagine at that age, not to mention it fights mutant creatures from space and robot versions of itself called MechaGodzillas. See, just about every boy’s fantasy. You might be wondering to yourself, “So what? We know how awesome Gojira is. We’ve seen the movies. We’re catching your drift.” Well, Godzilla fans, PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN. A new Godzilla movie is going to be released on May 16. And our gargantuan little reptile friend looks even more colossal than ever before.

Surprisingly, this movie was not made in Godzilla’s homeland of Japan, but in the States themselves. While this might be a concern for our more hardcore fans, I’m not worrying, and neither should you. Let’s be honest with ourselves: who watches a Godzilla movie for the storyline? Heck, half the time I can’t even tell what the characters are saying over the atrocious English dubbing. We watch Godzilla movies to see a bunch of gigantic monsters duke it out over planet Earth, and lots and lots of laser beams and atomic blasts. Point is, this movie could have a horrid storyline and still satisfy our needs. After all, this movie was co-directed by both Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros., with Legendary Pictures creating such movies as Pacific Rim. While the storyline in Pacific Rim was a bit lacking, you can’t deny its action scenes were nothing but awesome. Furthermore, we don’t even know yet if the movie has a lackluster storyline! For all we know it might be the next Citizen Kane, but with more explosions. Further evidence that backs up the plausible theory that it might have decent writing is its cast. BRYAN CRANSTON HIMSELF is in this movie. Whether you know him from Malcolm In the Middle or Breaking Bad, you must know that he is on-par with so many other great actors. CJ Adams, notorious adorable munchkin and star of The Odd Life of Timothy Green, also returns to the screen as well.  Anybody who decides to cast Bryan Cranston and CJ Adams in his or her movie must have some amount of brains, then. But the real kicker is this: David Goyer, story writer for The Dark Knight, was a writer for Godzilla. That’s some pretty strong evidence that this movie will have excellent writing.

From what I’ve read so far about Godzilla, this 2014 movie is going back to its roots: it’s going to be pretty dark. Director Gareth Edwards said pre-production that the team is “going to take it really seriously. I’ve wanted to see this movie this way all my life. Imagine if this really happened – as crazy as it sounds – what would it really be like?” There will apparently be two monsters making an appearance in this movie as well. One of them better be King Ghidorah. That monster was JACKED.

We live in the golden age of CGI. There’s no doubt this movie is going to be beautiful and jam-packed full of awesome dinosaur punches. It might even have some good writing. Either way, I’ll see you at the movies this May.