Monday nights bring out the werewolf in me

On Jan. 6, my favorite show returned to TV. After a three-month hiatus, I avidly sat on my bed, clutching my pillow, way too engaged in the story. My heart thudded every time someone escaped certain death, or my voice squealed shrilly every time two characters shared a loving glance. What is this fascinating piece about? Teenage werewolves, of course.

Teen Wolf returned for the second half of its third season, coming in with a bang on back-to-school day. The show focuses on a teenage werewolf named Scott, along with his “pack,” huntress Allison, human Stiles, and banshee Lydia, following their adventures as they try to live normal teenage lives while dealing with the supernatural- both with and against them. Can it be soap opera-ish at times? Yes, but I’m addicted. With award winning actors, magic and an intriguing storyline, Teen Wolf weaves a story that will grab your heart and capture your screen time.

However, nothing is perfect.  With two main characters dead from last season, Teen Wolf did what any reasonable show would do — pretend they never existed and quickly fill their place with newer characters. As a devotee of said show, I was upset. I had mourned these characters during the three-month break, but what about their friends? Shouldn’t they be, I don’t know, upset in the slightest? However, the show’s new characters show a lot of promise, so, while my heart still aches over the dead ones (rest in peace, Erica and Boyd!), I’m excited to see what the new ones have in store.

The newest episode continued right where the first half of the season dropped off.  Last time we saw Scott and his friends, he, Allison and Stiles had died and come back to life in order to save their parents (Crazy? Definitely. Emotionally scarring? Of course.)

Now, however, they’re all stuck in between life and death, with death winning. They’ve been hallucinating, sleepwalking, having night terrors and worst, Scott can’t control his powers any more.

This season promises to be the best yet, with mind tricks, literal insanity, and dark spirits lurking. With the first two seasons of my favorite show already on Netflix, there is no excuse for anybody not to watch it. Give it a try, and find yourself engrossed in the world of adolescent werewolves. Teen Wolf airs every Monday at 8 on MTV.  Maybe I’m too invested in these characters, but trust me, it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made, at least TV wise. Emotionally? Yeah, can’t vouch for you there.