Fall, the time to reLAX

Imagine this scenario — You’re running as fast as you can down a lush, green field. Adrenaline is pumping through your veins as you see the triangular goal at the end of the field slowly growing bigger. The ball in your net feels heavier, lodged within your grasp, as the girls running behind you try desperately, but ineffectively, to stop you. You make eye contact with the goalie, her expression attempting to intimidate you. You are are unfazed. You run up to the crease, you shoot, you score. Cheers erupt from the fans, and your teammates surround you in a circle, screaming your name. You can’t imagine a greater feeling in the entire universe than this; scoring the winning goal of a game in the great sport of lacrosse.

Originating on the East Coast, this Native American-inspired game involving the throwing and catching of a ball in nets on the end of sticks, has spread rapidly across the country in recent years. The sport requires skills that can be easily honed through practice, and it is becoming more and more popular to high school girls in Texas. Although Westlake’s lacrosse teams are not school-sponsored but rather a club sport, the girls team came in fourth at District last year, and coaches and players alike say they are incredibly optimistic for this coming season.

“I’m excited to have a good number of girls returning from last year who have improved significantly while working hard together,” coach Lauren Fitzgerald said. “The girls are excited to take on some top competitions and really bring it to District.”

The team welcomes any and all new players. Regardless of the level of skill, everyone gets a chance to play.

“Even if you’ve never picked up a stick, it doesn’t matter.” assistant coach Lauren Kissock said. “[You’ll like lacrosse] especially if you like to run. Even if you don’t know anything about lacrosse and you have some legs, get on the field. We’ll teach you.”

Registration is extremely simple and can be done online at www.westlakelax.org. The first practice, on Oct. 17, was used primarily to get to know the new players. Since then, the team has gotten into its regular routine, running two warm-up laps, stretching, scrimmaging and participating in drills to sharpen the players’ skills before the competitive season begins in January.

“Lacrosse is an amazing sport,” varsity junior Hannah Tucker said. “It’s not as aggressive as it’s portrayed in movies, but it’s just as exciting and it’s a great way to relieve stress and have some fun. I’m so excited for a successful season with these dedicated players.”