A fresh perspective: cafeteria food needs to change


Dominoes pizza sits in the Chap Court during fourth period lunch.

On a scale of one to 10, Westlake’s cafeteria food is a solid four. It’s better than starving, but it is worse than most restaurants. On a good day, when the pizza is fresh and isn’t smothered in grease, the rating goes up. Whenever there is a good special like the teriyaki/sweet n’ sour chicken, people’s mouths actually water.

Unfortunately the cafeteria doesn’t have teriyaki/sweet n’ sour chicken every day. It does have pizza that implodes on itself, it does have bland-tasting ham and turkey and it does not taste good. The cafeteria says that they have a “mandatory policy of healthy food choices” but they have counters full of doughnuts, tasty cakes, Honey Buns and Snowballs.

I would rather pay more for a higher-quality lunch with a variety of healthy choices, and fresher produce, than eat the exact same thing for my next three years in high school. If the school won’t think of changing the food they feed us, then they should at least let more restaurants come into the school and sell their fresh food to the students.

All I’m asking is that the Westlake cafeteria give the students meals that are worth what we pay, make the choices a little healthier and give us better quality food on a daily basis. I would definitely pay for that, and I imagine that other students would too.