Orchestra members bond through tradition of bigs and littles

Recently you may have see classmates walking around with candy or other assorted presents. These treats are the result of the Bigs and Littles program. Bigs and Littles is a system that certain fine arts programs such as orchestra, choir, band, Color Guard and Hyline take part in. Each freshman or sophomore (Little), is paired with a junior or senior (Big). On certain days they exchange gifts such as candy, lip gloss even fruit. The juniors and seniors are there to give advice and help the littles navigate through their new high school careers. Orchestra got a late start on Bigs and Little.

Orchestra decided to keep the identity of the pairings anonymous, so the officers coordinated a system based on numbers.

“Given that this was the first time orchestra has done the Bigs and Littles exchange double-blind, I think it went very well,” senior Kaina Chen said. “The success couldn’t have been possible without all of the student officers working together and constantly communicating.”

The partnerships are for giving advice, getting advice, making new friends and of course, the candy or other presents. Kaina gave her little some advice for high school on her first gift.

“For my little’s gift, I wrote her a note telling her what I wish I would have known as a freshmen,” Kaina said. “I told her, “I wish someone would have reminded me to take advantage of sleep because if there’s any of it in high school – it definitely all happens during freshman year. Don’t get too caught up in the social scene – it’s important to have friends, but it’s not a priority to be the most popular. Do what you want to do, not what you think your friends would approve of.”

Freshmen have received gifts and advice from their Bigs, and have also been giving some treats of their own. The gifts are a fun way to get to know their big or little, what they like, how they act and if they are procrastinators. Gifts vary from person to person — sometimes they’ll get candy, drinks, snacks and other types of things their Big or Little thinks they’ll enjoy.

“My Little, Jessie, surprised me with a bag full of some of my favorite candies such as Snickers, M&Ms and fruit snacks,” choir member junior Sarah Holland said.

There are also advantages and disadvantages to Bigs and Littles. Advantages include help for Littles and fun activities.

“The Bigs always help the Littles and when we find out [the identity of]  our sisters in May they “kidnap” us and bring us to breakfast really early in the morning and it’s so fun,” Hyline member junior Madison Knight said.

Problems such as procrastination by organization officers kept some students up all night.
“Sleep deprivation,” Kaina said. “The student officers, including me, are procrastinators at heart, the night before I was swamped in envelopes and sheets of paper, and all of the officers spent hours typing up information sheets. But that’s completely our own fault.”