All about WHS orchestra

The orchestras are fundraising for their March 21-25 trip to New York, where they will perform in Carnegie Hall. Students are already getting excited.
“I expect to explore and see New York and become closer with all of the orchestra members,” violin player senior Jaemin Baek said.
The four orchestras will be separate into two orchestras, one of Philharmonic and Chamber, and one of Symphony A and B.
“We’re going to try to challenge the students as much as we can,” Orchestra director James Edwards said.
Students are currently selling ads which will go into the orchestra program for their trip to New York City. They will also have a Chili Con Carnivale at 6 p.m. Oct. 29 at the Westlake High School Chap Court where they will perform music and the public will enjoy delicious food to raise more money.
“Carnivale is a really fun event because you get to dress up in Halloween costumes and eat chili,” Daisy said. “Also we usually play Halloween-themed or more contemporary songs.”
The freshman orchestra is spilt between Chamber B or bass and Chamber T or treble. The Chamber T orchestra is made up of violas and violins, and the Chamber B orchestra is made up of cellos and basses.
The orchestra recently held elections for class representatives. Officers had already been chosen. Representatives are for handling birthdays and spreading information the officers can’t when in class.
President: senior Kaina Chen
Vice-President: Senior Elizabeth Battey
Secretary: Senior Sojung Lee
Social Chairman: Senior Daisy Holland
Historians: Seniors Matilda Tan and Carolyn Dunlap
Symphony A representative: Senior Jaemin Baek
Symphony B representative: Senior Peter Wang
Philharmonic representative: Senior Ed Dunn
Chamber T representative: Freshman Sage Sutton
Chamber B representative:Freshman Julia McCartney