Battle of the bands


Chomatic Funk rocks out during last year’s Battle of the Bands. This year’s event (oct. 25 in the PAC) will cost $10 for admission. Chromatic Funk will be returning for this year’s event.

Battle of the Bands, Westlake’s only event dedicated to independent student musicians, has been a fundraiser sponsored by and benefiting the Technical Entertainment Crew and The Featherduster for 19 years. This year however, the event will be taking place in the fall semester, on Oct. 25.

“Because the spring semester is such a busy time at Westlake High School, Battle of the Bands is always competing with numerous other activities,” TEC director David Poole said. “In an effort to increase the audience turnout, we thought we would have the event on the football bye-week.”

Although members of both organizations see the change in schedule as a good thing, the new date does present difficulties.

“Some of the new challenges stem from its very early date in the school year, making it more difficult to secure judges and create content for the portion of the show between bands,” TEC president senior Feroz James said. “In addition, because of the Friday show time, sound checks and setup extend into school hours when most of the crew will not be there to assist us.”

The transition to an earlier show also puts a fast approaching deadline on musicians. All groups and solo acts must have their tapes, which consist of about two or three songs, submitted to room 281 by 4:15 on Sept. 26.