Christian Bailed

Every true Batman fan knows that it isn’t about the man in the suit; it’s an idea, a symbol of prevailing justice. So why is it that fanboys and fangirls alike are so enraged at the idea that someone else besides Christian Bale might become the new Dark Knight?

In August, Warner Brothers revealed that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, as Christian Bale turned down WB’s offer of $50 million to play as the Batman again. He justified his reasons as saying, “We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three (Batman movies.) That’s enough. Let’s not get greedy.”

But as Warner Brothers was determined to make a Superman-Batman crossover, they turned to their next prospect: Ben Affleck. Almost as soon as it was revealed, the Internet blew up with memes, jokes and more, all ridiculing the idea that the butt-chinned Bostonian Ben would play as their Batman. And if you don’t believe me:

funny-ben-affleck-batman-pictures-jokes-memes-211x300 grumpy-ben

Did I mention fans even started a petition on the White House forums to cast someone else?

People have a reason to be skeptical. Superhero movies have tendencies to be riddled with bad acting (*cough cough* Ghost Rider *cough*) and Batman films are no exception. And with a brand new Batman on the way, it’s inevitable that someone was going to complain about the choice of casting. Some fans try to give actual proof on why they dislike WB’s choice, saying that Affleck has played the role of another superhero before (Daredevil) and that the film was critically reviled. But I don’t think that’s the real reason why fans are upset. Over the past few years we have been blessed with some of the best Batman movies of our time, with a great director and copious amounts of fantastic actors. Some generations have grown up with Christian Bale through three whole movies, and to suddenly see someone else stand in his boots (Batman’s boots) was bound to rustle someone’s jimmies. Who else will be able to replace the trademark throaty growl we’ve all come to know and love?  Who else can play the rich boy turned orphaned vigilante? While we may have to kiss Bale’s beloved voice goodbye, I believe Affleck actually might be able to pull it off.

Ben Affleck isn’t just an actor; he’s also a critically acclaimed director for films such as Argo, which won Best Motion Picture at the Academy Awards and received seven nominations at the Golden Globes, and Good Will Hunting, which bagged Best Original Screenplay in both award shows. So he knows how a movie ticks. He isn’t just an actor fulfilling a role; he truly understands it, knowing full well how a good story develops. He’s a good director, he’s a good actor and he’s got the mischievous look of our millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. So why are we shooting this idea down so soon? The least we could do is just give him a shot. After all, Heath Ledger, the man who played the Joker in the Dark Knight, never acted in a superhero movie before in his life. The man went from Brokeback Mountain and Knight’s Tale to winning an Academy Award as a supervillain. So let’s all just calm down. It’s a clean slate, a fresh start. And who knows, we might see the best Batman we’ve seen yet.