Freshman volleyball teams start season

So far this season, the Freshman Blue team has a 3-1 record and the Red team has a 2-1 start.

“We are very comfortable with each other, and we trust each other,” middle blocker freshman Taylor Wissman said.

As middle blocker, Taylor has a variety of responsibilities on the court.

“A middle blocker has to block all hits and tips,” Taylor said. “But then they have to transfer off the net to get a good hit.”

Under the leadership of coach Jane Karnes, the 15 players on Red and 12 players on Blue hope to become District Champions. Most of these girls didn’t just decide to play during high school, they started in middle school or even earlier at a club or a center for volleyball.

“It [club] was a great learning experience, and having practice multiple times a week, with tons of one on one, and being able to go to many tournaments help with my volleyball career,” setter freshman Wimberley Kerbow said. “My best quality has got to be setting and serving. A setter is kind of like the leader of the team. We control if the hit will be good or not. If my teammates and I talk more and pass the ball constantly, we can get all the way to the top.”