Yearbooks delivered, staff and students prepare for next year

After much anticipation, the yearbook was distributed on May 22. The yearbook staff has been organizing and passing out yearbooks for the past few days.

“I love yearbook distribution,” junior Hannah Jones said. “It’s so rewarding and fun to see all of the students looking at the book we have been working on all year long.”

Yearbook adviser Cindy Todd has been awaiting the yearbook’s arrival just as much as the students.

“Handing out yearbooks every year is like having a baby — you work and you plan and you wait for months in anticipation and then finally your baby arrives,” Todd said. “And then it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect or has a few flaws. You love it and are proud of it.”

During distribution days, the yearbook room is filled with excitement and craziness.

“One time a kid was so excited to get his yearbook he lifted it above his head and yelled ‘oh my God I got my yearbook’ and then accidentally dropped it onto the ground,” sophomore Jenna Jones said.

The staff is ready for the new school year. Students with new editorial positions are excited to make a bigger impact in next year’s book.

“Finishing this school year has made me realize how much I am going to miss the senior editors,” junior Hanna King said. “I looked up to them so much and now I am going to be a senior editor. It’s crazy to think that people will be looking up to me now.”