Unfamiliar surroundings give senior new perspective for college years

After growing up and living in the same place, leaving for college can be quite uncomfortable. Most graduating students have always gone to school in Eanes ISD and are leaving ties they have established over years, but my case is slightly different. When my dad’s job caused him to relocate to Austin, I jumped at the chance to live with him in a hustle-and-bustle city rather than lackluster San Antonio an hour and a half south. Although I only lived here for a year, I have made connections that I will miss dearly.

I first arrived in Westlake at the end of last July just in time to register and enroll for my senior year classes, as well as try out for the volleyball team. Despite my initial anxiety and nervousness, I fit all my desired classes in my schedule, made the varsity team, and formed my first group of friends. Already, I was beginning my senior year even before the first day of classes had begun.

That dreaded last day of summer finally arrived, and the days of sleeping in had come to an end. I wasn’t too sure of what to expect of the new population I had chosen to immerse myself in for the last of my high school years. As I drove myself to school, thoughts raced through my mind. I wondered if any teammates would be in my classes, or if my teachers would be lenient towards “senioritis.” As anticipatory as I was for the results of my year, I found out rather quickly that I had very little to worry about.

From the moment I walked on campus for the first time, I could feel the positive energy radiating from both the students and faculty. The spirit was most apparent at pep rallies, with weekly themed dress-up days and huge performances in support of football, volleyball and all other sports teams. In all my past school related experiences, I had never been a part of something so outstanding and elaborate.

As for the teachers and faculty here at Westlake, words cannot describe how thankful I am for all they have done for me. From individual tutoring, to hands-on projects and field trips, teachers did everything for students to best understand what was being taught. As for the entire faculty, the most helpful resource was the fact that they were so relatable. If ever I needed help, advice or just an answer to a question, I always had someone I could talk to.

As for my fellow classmates, they were so welcoming. Once I would meet someone new, it would create a domino effect, and I almost couldn’t keep up with all the new faces and names. Also in San Antonio, I didn’t feel like I could identify with many people there. The mixture of all types of students was definitely one of my favorite parts about Westlake. Within that mix, I have met others with so many similar interests and personalities, and developed true friendships that will extend beyond high school.

After my senior year plunge into a brand new environment, I now feel that much more prepared to take on college and the rest of the unknown world out there awaiting me. So thank you Westlake High School, for allowing me the opportunity to plant myself here to mature and grow into the graduate I always wanted to be.