Are you a stereotypical teenage girl?

You know who I am talking about when I say the stereotypical teenage girl. They’re the girls who are always on Instagram posting pictures of their frappuccinos from Starbucks or the ones who squeal every time they see their friends. They can be some of the most annoying people you’ll meet and you might be one of them, but it’s okay. Everyone makes fun of teenage girls. Even teenage girls make fun of teenage girls. They’re an easy target with their obnoxious ways, and if you’re involved in more than one of the following situations you may be one.

Situation 1
You can tell you’re a teenage girl if you stop in the middle of the hallway to chat with your friends. After Spanish class you see your best friend Kelly and just have to tell her what Jake said in class. So, instead of walking and talking or moving to the side, you just stop in the hallway and chat. This blocks off the hallway and causes people to try to push around you, thus creating more traffic. As you talk, more and more girls come up to join the conversation. By the time you finish talking and head to class, everyone is angry and the hallway’s traffic has slowed to a point where practically no one’s moving. Kelly didn’t even care about what Jake said.

Situation 2
The infinity sign started out as a cute way of saying forever. Authors like Stephen Chbosky use it in their books, but then the teenage girl came. Even though you haven’t read Perks of Being a Wallflower, you constantly quote it by saying, “….and in that moment I swear we were infinite.” It’s usually used out of context and during insignificant moments, ruining the meaning of the quote and turning it into a cliche. You continue to overuse the idea of infinity by putting the sign on everything and saying it everywhere. If you want a tattoo, you will most likely get an infinity sign on your wrist. If you are doodling in class: the infinity sign with love entwined in it is written all over your paper.

Situation 3
Starbucks is meant to be a place where people go to get a pick-me-up before starting their day. Starbucks serves coffee and other caffeinated drinks in cups that are not meant to be an art form. Yet, you take a picture of every Starbucks drink you’re served and post it online. Then, you show up to class 15 minutes late with your frappuccino, an Instagram post and a half-hearted excuse. You have taken over the coffee shop and have stolen the working professionals’ safe haven and the student’s quiet study place. You have turned the coffee shop into a place to gossip and do your nails.

Situation 4
It’s Tuesday morning after a three-day weekend. You’re hanging out in the cafeteria with your friends when Becky walks in. You haven’t seen Becky in like three days, so of course you have to run over into her arms. You start to squeal and jump up and down while hugging each other. “OMG! It’s been forever! I missed you,” you scream out. Everyone around you is backing away as they stare at the spectacle in front of them. No one wants to get in the way of a teenage girl’s reunion, no matter the excuse. The squealing is ear-busting and the jumping threatens an elbow into someone’s side, yet you guys don’t stop with the reunion.

Situation 5
Every girl loves shopping. We each have our own personal style, but the teenage girl has a few things in their wardrobe in common : dip-dyed, studded and distressed. Every teenage girl has at least one shirt that either ombres from one color to the next or fades into white. I bet your closet has shorts that are studded with little pyramids, being a safety hazard to others, and the bottoms are frayed and distressed looking as if you’ve actually worn them more than once, when in actuality you just bought them for $50.

Situation 6
You turn on the TV in search of a show to watch. Browsing through the channels, you have a list of three shows you want to see: Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Bachelor or The Real Housewives of Orange County. You know all the people and their storylines by heart. You and your friends have deep discussions on who the current bachelor should choose to marry. Before class you gossip about all the latest dramas the Housewives or the Kardashians are involved in and who’s side you’re on. “But Kim deserved it,” you tell your friend. “She called her fat first.” You may not know the people in real life, but you feel like they’re your family.

If more than one of these situations applies to you, I am sorry to say you are a teenage girl, and the best thing you can do is try to not annoy everyone around you. Good luck.