A cup of joe astounds reviewer

Plenty of people have posed for a picture in front of the well-known green wall on South Congress that has “I love you so much” written in red, which first came to the neighborhood back in July of 2010. Amy Cook, the girlfriend of Liz Lambert, the owner of Jo’s Coffee, thought that Liz was having a bad day and spray painted the words in the middle of the night as a surprise in efforts to make her feel better. The words are heartwarming and have become and iconic image of Austin, but how many people have actually sat down and enjoyed a cup of Jo’s Coffee?

On a frigid and gloomy afternoon, I decided to make the drive out to Jo’s for a taste of their coffee. As I walked up to the corner shop, I couldn’t help but take a photo of the legendary “I love you so much,” before proceeding to the front window.

Greeted by two warm and friendly faces, the employees were more than happy to help me create my first cup of perfection. After I answered a few questions regarding my preferences, the employees made me a vanilla mocha espresso with whipped cream on top.

I then walked on over to the seating area, surrounded by heaters, and took my first sip. I have to say, I like coffee, but it’s not my favorite. Nevertheless, after tasting this espresso, I nearly died; it was quite possibly the best coffee I’ve had in my life. The exploding flavor of mocha and vanilla combined caused for a not-so-potently bitter espresso taste that has some people cringe.

Jo’s Coffee is now my favorite café, hands down. Surpassing Starbucks in taste and beating their price, I recommend going to this urban hotspot. Even if coffee isn’t your thing, Jo’s offers an assortment of teas, baked goods, sandwiches and other great items on the menu.

Located on the corner of South Congress and James Street West, Jo’s is open 7am-9pm Sun-Fri and 7am-10pm Sat. In addition, a newly opened Jo’s is located on 2nd West Street with hours of 7am-9pm Mon.-Fri and 8am-9pm Sat-Sun. I strongly recommend going down for a cup of Jo’s, you won’t regret it.