Italian restaurant lives up to good reviews

Carmelo’s is a delicious Italian restaurant located at 504 East 5th St. in downtown Austin. The restaurant is located in an old, beautiful building. From the inside, the building seems large, but on the outside, it is small and nestled in to the surrounding area. It is easy to miss.

When my family and I walked into Carmelo’s, I immediately realized something important. We were underdressed. In our uniform of jeans and T-shirts, we stood out like a sore thumb against the skirts, slacks and button-down shirts. I ignored an old lady’s disapproving glare at my sweatshirt as a waiter led us to our table. Another waiter brought over bread and olive oil with Parmesan cheese, which was delicious. We ordered bread plate after bread plate. I pretended not to see my mother’s eye roll and my father’s head shake as my sister and I battled over the last piece of scrumptious bread.

For the main course, I ordered the fettuccine dish. After a wait that left me a little impatient, the waiter rolled out a large table and proceeded to cook my meal right in front of us. I was hypnotized as he tossed ingredients into a frying pan with poise and grace. It was awesome, besides the fear that he would set his hand on fire. The fettuccine was amazing. It was filled with flavor, and I devoured every single bite.

The major downside to Carmelo’s is the hefty price. We only ordered entrees, but our meal for four cost $99. Even though the food was delicious, that is a lot of money. However, for a really special occasion when you need an amazing Italian meal, Carmelo’s is definitely for you.