Teens have an adventurous new shopping experience

Michelle and I, being avid thrifters, were looking forward to our journey to the Goodwill Outlet located in south Austin. It was our first time going, and we had no idea what to expect. We walked in to find a warehouse crowded with shoving, yelling people desperately attacking hundreds of blue plastic bins. We forced our way through the mob and began rummaging through the mounds of clothing like we were digging our way to China.

The clothing being sold is thrown in the bins and priced at a $1.39 per pound. The catch is, if you have intentions of claiming these extremely underpriced items, you are likely to lose a limb. First, there are the employees. As soon as Michelle’s hands touched the clothing we were instantly reprimanded by a disgruntled worker and told to stay away from the “unauthorized” bins. There were several cops stationed around the store glaring at everyone.

The customers were even more hectic. The workers were constantly bringing out new bins and as they wheeled them out, the shoppers lined up and waited for the signal that they were open. As soon as the employee stepped out of the way, the rabid pack of people swarmed towards the bins like voracious, feral animals going after their prey. Grabbing armfuls of clothing, they formed an assembly line with their friends and passed the garments on to the next member of the team. In a matter of seconds, the bins were stripped clean. The teams then sorted through the carts and discarded the leftovers. Aside from their obvious cahoots, the shoppers have no boundaries. They steal from others carts, shove anyone who’s in their way, and they will go to excessive lengths to get what they want.

Even though it’s disorderly, crazy, and feels like an elementary school cafeteria, the unbeatable prices and the one-of-a-kind items are definitely worth it. The Goodwill Blue Hanger Outlet is a match made in heaven for anyone who loves thrifting.

After a successful, but brutal hour in the store, Michelle and I agreed that we would definitely be coming back. We left with 22 items that included t-shirts, blazers, jumpers, jeans and a brand new experience for $21.07.