Flashback Vintage makes a comeback

The sign is rusted, tattered and classic, it’s everything that Vintage symbolizes before you even set foot in the store. Flashback Vintage’s sign will catch your attention before you reach the threshold.

When you walk in the door, the store transports you into a retro age of fun and flirtatious garments and memorabilia.

Flashback Vintage on South First Street is a trip back in time, from dresses to choice records and tapes you can get lost in the vintage feel of the store. The diverse selection gives you the option to choose what era you desire to live in, rather than the one you were born into. Are you roaring ’20s? Daring ’80s? Slammin’ ’90s? The selection of men and women’s clothes, shoes and accessories gives wide range to every era, style, and fit.

If you’re shopping for memorabilia rather than garments, Flashback is full of tapes, records, art and tons of personality to make sure you’re collection is the bomb.

Though the store is small and only contains two employees, service is incredible. The people there are more than willing to help you find the garment that you may have never known you wanted.

Walking into most vintage shops you can expect to pay the price for not only your garment of choice but also the age of the outfit. However a formal dress here can run from $25-$40 – a severe discount from department store prices.

Next time you’re looking for a vintage getaway, try Flashback Vintage on 1805 South First Street from noon-7 p.m on weekdays, 11 p.m-6 p.m on Saturdays and noon-6 p.m on Sundays.