Alexander Osella

Alexander Osella, Reporter

Alexander is a reporter for the Westlake Featherduster, a lifeguard, a friend to all living creatures, and so much more. He is passionate about his writing, both for the Featherduster and for his own personal work. As a senior, Alexander hopes to finish strong, and possibly attend college in the Fall. His first choices are UT and TCU, however that is not to say that he is their first choice. He applied to college for Government and History, both of which I’m sure he would say are his favorite subjects. He is known to read quite extensively, and is, as the kids say, a “history buff”. While he would say that these are his favorite subjects to study, he would object to anyone saying he is a fan of school. In fact, Alexander hates school more than just about anything else (with the exception of eggs). He thinks that while it is imperative to the development of knowledge, it is not useful for the cultivation of wisdom or any meaningful gains for one’s soul. Alexander is many things, too many to include in this biography, but if he could put it into words I’m sure he’d say that he is extremely gifted and talented, while also being extraordinarily humble.

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Alexander Osella