Chaps out of water: student embarks on self-imposed mission to find the best tasting water fountain

Isabella Newlands, Photographer

February 10, 2020

Whether you carry your water in a Hydro Flask or a Yeti, we just want one thing: good, cold water to keep us hydrated. That is why I set out on an intense investigation to find the best water fountains in the school. It was a long jo...

Jaden Dupree: YouTube star

Ava Valdes, Head Brains and Brawn

November 8, 2019

YouTube is arguably the most popular video platform around and the place to turn to for anything and everything. Pranks, vlogs, fashion, unboxings, music videos and trailers all make up the endless content the app and website pro...

It’s all about relationships

Julia Franco, Head People and Places

May 20, 2019

Fun, goofy and productive. Considerate, gregarious and persistent. Loving, hilarious and intuitive. If you’ve never met Pre-Calculus and Geometry teacher Nadine Herbst, these are some adjectives her colleagues and students use...

Westlake takes action after ’89 homecoming’s racist stunt

Shelby Sperling, Head Trends and Traditions

March 11, 2019

Just one look at Westlake’s demographics will show that the student body is predominantly white with most students' families fitting into the middle-to-upper-middle socioeconomic bracket. These factors contribute to the reputation...