A simplified policy profile of our presidential candidates

Michael Wiggin

February 29, 2016

In light of the upcoming primary election in Texas, The Featherduster has compiled a referential list to help you discover which candidate you like best.   Republican Ted Cruz (Texas State Senator):   [Sources]   https://ballotpedi...

Last word before Super Tuesday

Conor O'Bryon

February 29, 2016

Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Carson, Clinton, Sanders. These are the candidates vying for the presidency. Who’s happy with the line-up? I’m not. In fact, since my last column, things still haven’t improved. There have been big c...

Lady Chaps soccer team begins season with strong competition in tournament play, District competition

Drew Brown

February 29, 2016

The lady Chaps soccer team has been one of the big sports legacies at Westlake in the recent past. Coming back from multiple seasons of undefeated District play, and making it to the State Quarterfinals in the ‘14-’15 season,...

More than a song

Julia Rasor

February 29, 2016

Music as a whole has always spoken to me beyond just a pretty melody. Ever since I was young, I’ve found that music is a way to communicate, to express what cannot be said and to create a world in my own colors. Because of ev...

Yeti vs. Rtic

Cullen Lowder

February 29, 2016

It’s the ultimate showdown. These two companies have spilled blood, sweat and tears promoting their products to the everyday consumer. They have both revolutionized the cooler industry, but who was the first to claim the fame...

Shadowhunters premier leaves us hunting for more

Lucy Layne Urdahl

February 24, 2016

When I turned on ABC Family, now known as Freeform, at 8 p.m. sharp on Jan. 12, I didn’t see what I had hoped. Compared to what I was expecting, Shadowhunters really left me feeling like they could’ve done so much more. Th...

Deadpool’s theatrical debut kills

Mubsar Dhuka

February 23, 2016

From the hilarious marketing campaign to the beginning credits to the after-credit scene, Deadpool successfully encapsulates the satirical, immature, fourth-wall breaking titular anti-hero played by Ryan Reynolds. He plays ...

The 100 Season three earns a 100; contains spoilers

Lucy Layne Urdahl

February 23, 2016

Contains spoilers after third paragraph The 100, the only show that I can watch three times through and still get excited over, has started again with season three. I freaked out when I heard this and couldn’t do anything but l...

Mary Beth Burns Portfolio

February 12, 2016