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How to Be a Latin Lover leaves a good mark

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How to Be a Latin Lover is a fun family film filled with laughter and joy. I greatly enjoyed this movie because it captures just how crazy and chaotic families can get. This film stars Eugenio Derbez as Maximo, a man who marries a wealthy old woman for her money, Salma Hayek as Sara, Maximo’s hard-working younger sister, and Raphael Alejandro as Hugo, Sara’s nerdy yet adorable son who is also Maximo’s nephew. In the film, Maximo has a best friend, Rick, who is played by Rob Lowe. Lowe’s character does the same thing as Derbez’s and marries a wealthy woman instead of having a job and actually make money. The two are inseparable.

The movie begins with Maximo getting dumped by his longtime wife and being forced to move in with his sister and nephew who he hasn’t spoke to in years and at first are not very accepting. Maximo is on the hunt for another wealthy woman to marry and finds out that his nephew may be the key to helping him find her. One day, while Maximo is dropping off Hugo, he sees a woman he is very taken with. Hugo tries to help Maximo get close to this woman, and in return, Maximo helps Hugo become friends with the girl he has a crush on.

My favorite part of the movie is when Maximo is trying to make some money and decides to advertise by putting a wrap on his sister’s car. But when he walks in, the shop owner tries to sell him a pocket rocket motorcycle instead. This exchange was my favorite scene in the entire movie because the shop owner gets very angry about this motorcycle and the fact that he can’t sell it no matter how hard he tries.

Another great moment that I really enjoyed was when Maximo is trying to look sexy and impress a woman so he covers his grey hairs in brown leather shoe polish. Maximo tries to use one of his old play and take a swim and impress the girl like he did when he was younger, but when he leaps into the pool all the polish comes off making it look like he soiled himself. The whole auditorium and I could not stop laughing when this happened.

The movie is directed by Ken Marino and I think that he did a fantastic job with the film. Throughout the movie there are some scenes in spanish, and I think that they do a very good job giving the audience time to read the subtitles in English. If you like movies such as Instructions not included, Were the Millers, or Masterminds then you will be definitely impressed and amused by this film.

The movie was released April 28, and over that weekend, the film produced more than $12 million which is really good due to the fact that the movie wasn’t very well advertised. In my opinion, How to be a Latin lover did not look like an appealing movie to me when I saw the trailer, but I am glad that I tried it because this movie was a comedy goldmine. The film has a great cast who brings the movie to life. The whole time I was laughing and on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happened next. I highly recommend seeing this movie if you are looking for a funny movie to lift your spirits because this movie will definitely do the trick.

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How to Be a Latin Lover leaves a good mark