Hamatora delivers crazy detective antics in a stylish package

Hamatora is an anime about “minimum holders,” or people who can perform small miracles. Their powers are activated through certain actions (chewing gum, listening to music or working out). The main characters, Nice and Murasaki, are a detective duo supported by Hajime, Birthday, and Ratio, who run an odd-job business alongside Hamatora P.I. (Private Investigator) at the Nowhere Café. The detectives take on a job that links them to a serial killer who only targets minimum holders, but instead of just killing them he also removes their brains and creates “non-innate” minimum holders. The show’s art style is very vibrant, featuring many colorful, well-animated action scenes. The first couple of episodes were fantastic, and as the show continued it managed to keep me entertained, though it was not as interesting as the beginning. Hamatora is definitely worth watching if you are a fan of anime, super heroes or detective shows. You can find all of the episodes on Crunchyroll for free as long as you don’t mind watching advertisements. New episodes are released on Mon. at 11:05 a.m. PST.