New frozen yogurt place opens in Westlake, students raving


PinkBerry, a nationwide frozen yogurt chain, opened in early April in Westlake at the Westbank Market and people have been raving about it ever since. I decided to see why everyone was going crazy over this place. With all of the new yogurt places opening in Austin, why was PinkBerry everyone’s favorite?

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was their floors. Although this sounds incredibly stupid, they were made out of little tiny pebbles, which made it feel very unique. Also, with indoor and outdoor modern seating, PinkBerry would be a fun place to hang out. My biggest worry about PinkBerry before walking in was that it would feel like another chain, but surprisingly, it didn’t.

Secondly, the customer service was great. PinkBerry is different from a lot of yogurt places in that it is not self-served yogurt, so it was important that the people were polite and attentive. The one problem with no self-serving is that there is a regulated cost on the sizes. Although it is relatively cheap, one of the great things about frozen yogurt has always been the self-serve aspect. But, the servers were very helpful and gave me plenty of samples so I had no doubt when ordering that I had gotten the right flavor.

Although the selections of toppings were good, I didn’t think PinkBerry offered the variety that most yogurt shops I’ve been to had. Although this was disappointing at first, the variety and uniqueness of the flavors made up for it. I got a chocolate hazelnut yogurt mixed with the default flavor. I was surprised that PinkBerry’s default flavor was pretty tart, and not vanilla like I would’ve expected.

Overall, PinkBerry was a great place to go and satisfy my frozen yogurt craving. The service, flavors and overall atmosphere were awesome, and although there was less variety in its flavors, I would go to PinkBerry again.