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A review to Donald Trump’s start to his presidency

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It has been an interesting first few weeks for America’s new president, from fake news to Russian ties, it seems like the only thing the White House is contributing so far is drama. But what has been overshadowed by several media outlets is what Donald Trump has actually been accomplishing. He has signed 23 executive orders within the first month and a half of his presidency, lowered the National debt by over $12 billion, and pushed congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The Dow Jones and Nasdaq have also jumped into never before seen territory during his presidency as well. Yet it seems like the only thing we hear about is the constant scandals and allegations running through the White House. So I am here to put out the good, the bad, and the ugly of Donald Trump’s start to his presidency.

One of the biggest storylines consuming Trump’s presidency is his constant fight with the media and his disdain for “fake news.” He has attacked many proven and true news organizations like the New York Times and CNN for pushing out “fake news” and refusing to report on stories that “really matter” like protests in Sweden or the “many bombings in Europe.” He constantly slams the media and calls for the people to denounce it, which can be a volatile thing to do. Without the media, the government is free to do whatever it wants, good and bad. However, if the media continues to attack the president and the government, both sides continue to be unhappy. In a study by, they found that 91% of all evening news stories regarding the president were negatively based. It is no secret that most major media outlets are more left-leaning that right-leaning, but it seems like almost any story put out recently is about how terrible of a job Trump is doing.

Of Trump’s executive orders, one that got an enormous amount of backlash from the media and citizens was Trump’s “ban” on refugees from certain countries from coming to the United States. While there was a large amount of uproar from people during the time the “ban” was in effect, Trump has cited a similar ban imposed by Obama in 2011, which denied travel of refugees from Iraq to enter the United states for six months, which didn’t receive nearly the uproar from people as Trump’s got.

Trump certainly hasn’t helped his case with popular opinion though. If you have been keeping up with Trump’s presidency so far it has been hard to miss his constant presence on Twitter. There has been a nonstop stream of tweet-after-tweet having to do with trade deals, accusations and fighting with other people. I think that in the opinion of people on both sides of the isle, it is time for Trump to put away his iPhone, and start trying to become a more presidential figure for the Americans to look up to. This isn’t the Celebrity Apprentice — this is the Oval Office.

Whatever view you have on Trump and whether you like him or not shouldn’t matter now. It is no longer election season. We as the American people cannot turn a blind eye or cover our ears to what is going on, and we cannot act like it isn’t there. Like it or not, Trump is the president of the United States, and the leader of the free world. We may not agree with everything he does, but we shouldn’t attack it either. It is time for all American citizens to start coming together, not driving apart. Together, by having nice, civil, educated conversations, instead of yelling sessions, and by starting to work together, we can make America great again.

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A review to Donald Trump’s start to his presidency